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  • Here’s How to Never Catch COVID from a doctor - See detail about the article. 1. Remember: You’re Safest at Home. But You’re Safer Outdoors Than in an Enclosed Space That’s Not Your Home You’re safest when in your own home—there is always risk outside—so stay in unless it’s absolutely essential to leave. And do not have people you’re not sheltering with into your home. As […]
  • Shipping Lines – Website Collection - ACLAliancaANLAPLArkasAtlanticargoBalaji ShippingBeacon IntermodalBlue SkyBridgeheadCAICanadian National RailwayCanadian Pacific RailwayCarlisle LeasingCARUCCNICHINA SHIPPINGCMA CGMCNC LineConcorCOSCOCronosCrowley CSAV NORASIADALDelmasDong Fang International InvestmentEmirates Shipping LineEVERGREENFlorens container servicesGESeaCoGOLDGold Star LineGrimaldiGVCHamburg SudHanjin ShippingHAPAG (HL)Heung-A ShippingHYUNDAIIRISLITALIA MARITTIMAK-LINEKorea Marine TransportLibraLinea MessinaMAERSKMAG shippingMarfretMatsonMOLMSCNamsungNSCSANYK LineONEOOCLOTALPacific Direct LinePILPollux & CastorQatar NavigationRCLRoyal ArcticSafmarineSamuderaSCISeaboard MarineSeaCastle IncSea Star LineSENATOR LINESSinokor Merchant MarineSITCSofrana UnilinesStar ShippingSTX Pan OceanTAL InternationalTarrosTextainerTOTE MaritimeTriton ContainerTurkonUESUnited Arab ShippingWan […]
  • Demurrage and Per Diem Detention Charges, difference - Demurrage and detention are two terms that often confuses people in global trade, shipping, freight and logistics.. This has also lead to several financial losses many a time.. Is there a difference between demurrage and detention.. Demurrage and Detention in the context of container shipments.. Demurrage relates to cargo (while the cargo is in the container) […]
  • We provide experienced, reliable container trucking to client - Ships and trains move billions of tons of commercial goods throughout the US and the world each year. Companies generally transport these goods in large shipping containers with standardized dimensions that allow them to be easily loaded onto ships and attached to rail cars. In today’s economy, shipping containers are responsible for carrying the majority […]