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PreventX 24/7

Disinfecting Spray-
Double surface protectant

Whereas typical disinfecting sprays protect surfaces for 5 minutes (or while wet), PreventX 24/7 is long lasting (up to 30-90 days). It’s an invisible finish coating with on-going antimicrobial properties to protect surfaces and fabrics. 

Perfect addition to routine cleaning in retail, restaurants, hotels, medical facilities, and more. 


Approved for use on air filters, awnings, building materials, blankets, bed linen, granite, stone, siding, bathrooms, carpets, curtains, countertops, fabrics, walls, ceiling tile, concrete flooring, footwear, ceramic, stainless, vinyl, porcelain, marble, aluminum, leather, mats, fire resistant coatings, plumbing fixtures, pillows, roofing materials, sand bags, tents, tarps, shoe insoles, socks, shower curtains, toweling, umbrella, upholstery, vacuum bags, clothing, underwear, face masks, PPE. 


  • Contains built in anti-microbial and anti-static properties
  • bacteriostatic – fungistatic – algae static – electrostatic¬†
  • Invisibly protects surfaces from deterioration and odors
  • Effective and non-toxic
  • Protects against potential cross-contamination of Salmonella, E coli, Listeria, and over 100 additional bacterial and viral pathogens
  • 32 oz: 4 bottles/case
  • Gallon: 2 bottles/case

Quality Standards

  • EPA and FDA approved to fortify most rigid HCCAP & SSOP¬†