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UBLUE by UWePort

our premium line of Disposable Nitrile Gloves

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Personal Protective Equipment

Protect your workers from potential hazards in the work environment with our personal protective equipment. We offer a large range of PPE and Sanitation supplies at a wholesale price.

Medical and Research Supplies

We offer syringes, needles, blood collection tubes, and COVID-19 Rapid Antigen test at a wholesale price.

Supply Chain

We specialize in controlling the supply chain, shipping, and logistics. We import our products straight from the source to our clients. Our methods are cost effective, keep goods moving, and minimizes risks.

Featured Products

Uweport LLC. is a wholesale distributor of medical supplies and PPE products. Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, we have warehouses located on both the East and West coast. With well-over 70 government contracts, Uweport takes pride in providing our clients with vetted, FDA-approved products straight from the source. At the wholesale price, our available for both resell and end-users. 

We are now offering our own premium line of disposable nitrile gloves called Ublue. Make your gloves your own, by allowing us to become your private labeling distributors. 



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